Does your child need to increase his/her confidence in social settings?

Does your teenager need to be more accountable as he/she becomes a young adult?

Are you frustrated and not sure how you can parent your child differently?

I conduct several seminars to benefit both adolescents and adults. Each seminar is 90 minutes long, with 2 facilitators per session. No CPT codes are applicable to the seminar. The cost for each session is $60. A description of each seminar is listed below.

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This seminar will help adolescents to increase their confidence and foster social interactions. Each session will:

  • Focus on a skill and help to apply that skill through role plays, cooperative teamwork and other activities
  • Help each participant identify a skill they wish to develop and practice through the duration of the seminar.
This seminar will help young adults to become more independent and accountable as they transition into adulthood. Each session will:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Identify behavior patterns and ways to initiate changes
  • Develop ways to connect to others in a meaningful way
  • Utilize effective communication strategies
This seminar will help parents become more effective in their parenting by identifying and developing techniques and strategies. Each session will:

  • Increase the adolescent’s performance
  • Increase the adolescent’s motivation
  • Develop goal-based parenting versus emotional/reactive parenting
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Increase adolescent self-advocacy communication skills
This seminar aides in development of strategies and skills to manage pain and mood issues related to pain. Each session will:

  • Identify behavior patterns of responding to pain and ways to initiate changes
  • Develop skills and strategies for effective pain management
This seminar is intended to enhance performance for the athlete in and out of their sport. Each session will:

  • Increase mindfulness skills
  • Develop emotional regulation skills to decrease reactive responses in competition
  • Develop relaxation and imagery skills
  • Foster communication skills to advocate with teammates, coaches and parents
  • Cultivate motivational skills to achieve excellence versus perfection
  • Identify realistic goal setting skills
  • Develop skills to increase concentration and focus
This seminar teaches and enhances skills to manage destructive coping patterns. Each session will:

  • Identify triggers, patterns of thoughts and behaviors associated with destructive behaviors
  • Develop emotional regulation skills and effective strategies to initiate change
  • Emphasize communication patterns that enhance relationships and effective support systems
  • Foster mindfulness skills and increase distress tolerance
This seminar will assist adolescents to identify anxiety triggers and patterns of avoidance behaviors. Through use of in vivo exposures, the participant will increase ability to manage anxiety and disprove their irrational beliefs. Each session will:

  • Identify triggers to anxiety and gain insight into ways to shift responses to anxiety
  • Develop skills to manage uncomfortable feelings
  • Participate in exposure therapy to practice anxiety provoking situations in a supportive setting
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